Friday, 24 February 2012

Pretty in Pink.

Yesterday was most definitely the first day of spring. The sun was out and shining in all it's glory, so I went in search of a new nail varnish perfect for the occasion. I wanted a pastel colour (but not mint green or baby blue as they were way too over done last year), so I thought I'd go for pink to match my new jeans :) I found the perfect colour called 'Pretty in Pink' by Max Factor. However, upon applying, I quickly realised that it was not the colour it looked in the bottle. It came out as a light neon orange...sounds awful right? But no! It's much better than it sounds. So happy with this purchase! I think I might have to return soon to buy a couple more bottles as I shall be wearing this all summer long!


  1. This color screams 'summer'! I love it!

    xo Heather