Monday, 18 June 2012

My Life in Instagram.

Ok, so I finally jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. I know, I know, I took my fair time! So anyway, here are my pics from the last two weeks. (Normally I will do it every week, however, my life has been so uninteresting the past couple of weeks due to final exams and dissertation.) 

I am currently in the last two weeks of my final year at uni and need some really great ideas of places to go/things to do before I have to join the rat race. Anyone got any good suggestions? I plan to do lots of baking too, so keep tuned!

View over the top on my town on an everning run, passport photo from when I was 14 and passport photo from now (21 years of age) - see the difference?, jubilee street party, jubilee games, giant couple-cakes and champagne for my bday, my bessies, walkies with mia, being ugly with my sister, gin o'clock in my student house.

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