Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Deco Utilitary.

Woke up early this morning on my day off with one seriously long list of things to do. With my graduation last Thursday I had the excuse to go on a shopping trip in order to find myself an appropriate dress. I'm so happy that all the A/W stock is starting to trickle in as shopping as of late hasn't been great with this years S/S trends in stores (I've been dreaming of tweed, leather and studs since the summer collections were released!).

However, before I rushed off out, I finally managed to start having a look at mixing the blog up a bit. Since creating this site back in January, the layout and detail of the blog has pretty much stayed the same. So after coming back all fresh and relaxed from my holiday I decided it was high time I tackle some of that pesky html malarkey. I was hoping for more of a simple and elegant feel to the site's layout. Still got a bit of work to do to it but I'm getting there!

The shirt is a new one from topshop ready for the cooler months later on in the year. I'm predicting and hoping that utilitary will be a big trend amoungst the high street stores this coming season. However, I love the new twist on it this year. It's all about the mix of the two; rough and glam. The earrings from H&M were a steal at only £6. I actually bought the, for another use that I'll be posting about soon, but I loved how they went with this shirt. I quickly threw on my new buys before we rushed off to look at the work being done on our house at the moment (we've had to temporarily move out as it's one big building site for now), hence the odd outfit choice and th messy garden in the background!

If you were wondering, no, they aren't my hands.

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  1. I love those earrings! Art deco is one of my favourite styles :) <3 Do they hurt after a while though? I avoid big earrings sometimes for that reason...