Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fall Couture '12: Elie Saab

Ok, so as usual Chanel kicked butt in this season's haute couture collections, but for me, the main contender had to be Elie Saab. Nothing says haute couture like yards of tulle, lace and intricate beading. The collection of 46 painstakingly beautiful dresses, was focused around four main colours: black, peach/nude, mint green and teal, and knowing that each piece was hand-beaded makes them seem even more untouchable than they already look.

The designers managed to do something that most women in this world find very hard to pull off; create items of clothing that reveal very little but still transform the wearer into a creature of grace and sexuality at the same time. This was mostly achieved by the thigh high splits, beautiful plunging back lines that stopped as they hit the thin belts resting gracefully around the models waists, as well as the occasional patches of lace or beaded tulle placed over hips and across collar bones.

Once again, Elie Saab have created a couture collection any A-list celeb would be proud to be seen strutting their stuff in down the red carpet. I for one know that if I had to wear one piece of clothing for the rest of my life, it would definitely be an Elie Saab creation.

I recommend making your way over to the Elie Saab website (here) to watch the show in full in order to fully take in the amount of work that went into each dress, as well as watch in awe just what these designers have achieved. Oh and also, check out how fiece the model in the picture third from the bottom is! She literally stole the show!

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