Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Miu Miu inspired shirt collars.

Embellished collars are going to be really big this Autumn and we have already seen them starting to trickle into the high street shops already. As seen on my previous post Deco Utilitary I brought some fantastic art deco style earrings from H&M for only £5.99. Although I actually wore them as earrings in that post, they were originally intended to be embellishments for shirt collars. I had been looking all over the internet for weeks, scouring for the perfect collar pins, but all were either too boring, too punk (not keen on too many skulls) or too expensive. Then I thought surely, earrings will work just the same! So here they are, my very own DIY shirt collar pins, perfect for autumn. I'm thinking of having a look for some gold chains that I can glue to the backs which will hang down nicely between the two. But that's another DIY for another day ;)

Inspired by this Miu Miu shirt.


  1. Super cute. I love the collar details in the first photo. xx

  2. I like yours a lot more actually than the Miu Miu ones ;) Lovely.


  3. Ooo. So pretty! Love it. xx