Saturday, 7 January 2012

Brand New Blog

This year my new year's resolution was to try new things that I'd normally shy away from (along with many others, such as eating less chocolate, blah blah blah...). I've been following fashion and lifestyle blogs for nearly two years now, and why not try one myself? I've got nothing to lose right? 
I don't want this to purely be just a fashion blog, more of a nice mis-match of bits and bobs ranging from cakes (nom.) to make-up and music, and maybe some reviews on cool places to go. 
I'm currently in my third year of uni studying Biomedical Sciences (lol geek), which is completely unrelated to anything my blog will be about (unless someone asks for some bio trivia...yeh no.), but I'd say my main vocation in life is looking at clothes on the internet. I know, it's sad, but also very very true. (I also watch quite a bit of 4od too....woops!)
So anyway this is me....I know, my face is red...everyone tells me. Literally, I went to pay for my petrol the other day and the man behind the counter was just like, "errrrr, your face is red". Charming!
Anyway, that concludes my brief introduction. Have a nice day mingers :)

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