Saturday, 31 March 2012

Samantha Hahn and Heather Culp Collaboration.

This collaboration between the illustrator Samantha Hahn and photographer Heather Culp has got me particularly inspired today. With her simple delicate drops of watercolour paint, Hahn was able to completely change the concept of Culp's beautifully 'moody' photographs. I really can't get enough of these two types of media together. Here's to hoping this isn't all that we shall see from these two wonderful artists.

Images via Samantha Hahn's blog 'Maquette'


  1. Really beautiful. In the last photo it sort of resembles sun flare. xx

  2. Love it! I love illustration and photography. This are beautiful!

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  3. adorable photographs. I love fashion photography from a different angle. S.x x